I’m Nicole.

I’m a wardrobe stylist in Orange County, CA. But I serve women all over the world.

I help women build amazing wardrobes so they can be their best selves - but that’s a massive understatement of what having well-curated style can do for women.

I know from experience that women are experiencing an epidemic of feeling unfulfilled.

It’s a common side effect of an ambitious nature.

But there’s a simple fix …


Clarity on your true identity can, at minimum, bring you immense self-fulfillment. Validating one’s own identity is the key to happiness and effortless confidence.

Having clarity on your life’s purpose also can inspire you to create impact within your life and your career, even in the lives of others.

And that’s where this wonderful snowball begins - because creating impact in your life can propel you toward greatness.

Yes, I said greatness.

Power, prestige, glory, wealth, recognition, legacy, fame … you know - greatness.

It’s not just for men anymore.

In fact, I believe that claiming this greatness for yourself can’t happen without Feminism - the belief that all women should be equal to each other and equal to men.

A strong belief in Feminism gives you the confidence you need to claim greatness for yourself.

The path to greatness aligns with having a great wardrobe - I call this “Audacious Style.”

Audacious style is about being bold with your intent; if you intend to claim greatness for yourself, a wardrobe authentic to your true style - whatever that may be - can support your vision for yourself.

What might be surprising is that having audacious style is actually pretty easy once you have the tools and know the steps. Editing your existing wardrobe, shopping, putting all the pieces together - all of that becomes relatively effortless when you have a vision for yourself.

If you want this sense of effortlessness in your style, { click here } to learn more about Audacious Style.